Places to Visit

These are some of my favorite websites, blogs, and podcasts! I've included a little about why I like each one. I encourage you to give them a try--they are all "Joy-approved"!


James Lex - My loving, adoring fiancĂ© has a fantastic website of his own creation. His posts on are informative and humorous, covering a plethora of topics from Christian Living to College to Technology to Bible Quiz. He has also had a great influence on my blog. I guarantee you it's impossible to read many of his posts without being prompted to laugh and provoked to deeper thinking. 

Allison Vesterfelt - As one of the very few blogs I actually subscribe to via email, Allison's thoughts are refreshing and encouraging. Being true to yourself and living without regrets are two of her most frequent themes, and I love reading what's on her heart. Often, she wrestles with tough questions and doesn't come to an easy answer. But she dares to ask them anyway and helps herself and others to grow through the process. 

Psst! Do you have a blog or website? Send me the link! I'd love to read it, and I may add your link to this page! (That means extra blog traffic for you!) ;)


Focus on the Family - I love the ministry of Focus on the Family. I listen to the broadcast regularly, but I also have found the articles and other resources on their site to be immensely helpful, especially in times of confusion. They present straight, Biblical truth aimed at "helping families thrive."
Truth Project - An incredible series from Focus on the Family, and taught by Del Tackett, the Truth Project is an essential worldview class. I've been through it once, and seen some of the DVDs multiple times. There are also multiple resources on the site, including Del's blog. The site, and the project are ultimately designed to help you answer this all-important question: What do YOU believe?
Bible Gateway - This site is one of my favorites for looking up Bible verses. 
A/G Bible Quiz (Unofficial) - All your Bible Quiz needs. Stats, info, advice, links, it's all there.
A/G Bible Quiz - The official Bible Quiz website.  


Bible Quiz Podcast - This is a great show, produced/hosted by Tim McDaniel. I regularly hear my BQ buddies on this show, and love listening to their advice, conversations about relevant BQ issues, and talk-through of chapters from the current material.
Chip Ingram (Living on the Edge) - Chip is one of my favorite preachers. I totally connect with his style of presenting the word. His messages never fail to challenge and inspire me. He's literally had more impact on my spiritual walk than any other single pastor. 
Chuck Swindoll (Insight for Living) - I started listening to Chuck in the 5 AM. :P He helped me wake up on those early mornings, and the messages inspired me to dedicate my day to the Lord.
David Jeremiah (Turning Point) - This past Sept. I had the privilege of actually sitting in Dr. Jeremiah's church, listening to him in person!  I have been deeply touched by so many of his messages through his radio ministry. He presents pure Biblical truth and relevant applications. This link isn't actually a podcast...if you can find one, you're better than I. The radio archives are here for you to listen to though!
Dave Ramsey (Today's Show) | Podcast (not free) - Financial problems? Dave's your man! I recently started listening to his show, and his advice is wise, Biblical, and oftentimes humorously presented. I like to call him "Larry Burkett with an attitude!" His daily three-hour talk show is a good solid listen. Even if you don't have financial problems, listening to Dave's show is a great way to learn how to be smart with your money! (Also check out the EntreLeadership podcast for leaders and entrepreneurs!)
James MacDonald (Walk in the Word) - James is an on-fire, no-nonsense man of God. His sermons are straight from the word and never fail to get me thinking. I listen to him almost every day on the local radio station.
Adventures in Odyssey (Episodes) | Podcast - I don't actually listen to the podcast often, but I love listening to the episodes. Why do I listen to a kids' show?  Well, maybe it's the timeless Biblical truths it presents. Maybe it's the hilarity of the lively characters. Or possibly, it's the strong connection I feel with the adventures (and often misadventures) of my favorite character, Connie. But when it comes right down to it, I guess I'm still just a kid at heart! :o)