Friday, July 27, 2012

Promises that Soar

Hello my friends!

I'm just finishing up a wonderful week at the Montrose Christian Writer's Conference after an extraordinary week at the Lamplighter Guild for Creative Arts. My heart is overflowing. I have so much to say, but so little time to write about it! You can read my post on the Lamplighter Guild Blog here. If you look around the blog, you can also find posts from other students throughout the week, as well as beautiful pictures of our time there.

Hopefully once I get home I'll get to share with you some of the exciting things that have been happening in my life! But for now, I wanted to share with you a piece I submitted on the theme of the writer's conference, "Eagles' Wings."

How many times have I settled for less?

I contented myself with sleepless nights on a lumpy bed of responsibilities and cares. You promised me rest for my soul.

I've spent my time arguing with a world that likes to turn every reasonable thing upside-down, and all it ever gets me is frustrated! You promised me peace.

I made do with a calendar chock full of events and to-do's and worries. You promised me a future and a hope.

I've hoarded stuff that doesn't last, like tattered green dollars, earrings that turn my skin green, expensive clothes that get ruined when I forget to heed the "dry clean only" label, and, yes, even my precious shoe collection. ;) Suddenly, your "glorious riches" are sounding better and better. You promised you'd use them to provide all my needs!

I'm living in fear of a wolf in sheep's clothing that shoots fiery arrows and prowls like a roaring lion trying to eat me for dinner. How silly--I could be flying above his head, taunting him like a child! You promised me eagles' wings!

Your promises hover round me, waiting to douse me with blessings like a warm, heavy rain. But promises usually have a condition. It's not a catch, or a cheap bargain, or a gimmick, or a bribe. It's just a step of faith; a gift I can't have until I open the package.

Come to me . . . And you will find rest.
Listen to me . . . I'll give you peace.
Seek me . . . And your future will be secure.
Loosen your grasp on the world . . . I'll meet your needs.

Wait on me, my child . . . And I will help you soar through this life--on Eagles' Wings!

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