Thursday, May 24, 2012

Love Talks: Lonely Hearts and a Relentless Love

I just came across this entry in my journal from a couple months ago, and was amazed how God used something I wrote back then to encourage me now

I hope and pray this will touch someone out there like it touched me tonight. You have a Father who loves you with an undying, relentless love. Run to him!

Bring my thoughts back to you, oh God.
Recapture my affection tenderly with your love.
Let the healing touch of your embrace cause safety and belonging
to flood my feelings and crowd out the loneliness I battle.
Fight for me.
Show me the trophies you have already won.
Give me more of you.
Don't let me sit around in confusion, trying to discern your will--
take my hand and lead me to to wonders
that steal my breath and make my heart race.
Unleash the torrential rain of your grace.
Heal me.
Let me see you, smell you, drink you in.
I want to know you.