Saturday, July 30, 2011

Failing Badly Vs. Failing Well - Lessons from Anne of Green Gables

This is the most tragical thing that has ever happened to me! **bursts into tears**

Okay, maybe not. Actually, I've just been watching Anne of Green Gables too much. (if there is a such thing!) But believe it or not, Anne can give us a lesson in failing well and failing badly.

You see, failing badly and failing well are terms that generally refer to a system or a structure. But I think people can also fail in either of those two ways.

When a structure or system fails badly, a single, somewhat minute failure will cause the entire thing to collapse. Ever met a person like this? One little problem and they have an absolute meltdown! The reason for this is often that they have their entire life built on a single foundation, and if that foundation fails, their life crumbles into pieces as well.

You might think that because Anne was so dramatic about every little thing that happened in her life, she should be in the "fail badly" category. However, despite her over-dramatic tendencies, I would have to say that I believe she "failed" quite well. After the initial flood of tears, Anne always picked herself up and went on with life, just as a "fail well" person should do.

A system (or person) that fails well has the ability to compartmentalize failure so that it does not cause complete failure, but only a single error in a contained area. The problem, rather than causing utter chaos and destruction, is isolated and much more easily remedied.

When you build your life on a foundation that will never fail, falter, or even crack, you are setting yourself up to "fail well." (I hope you know what I'm hinting at, here!) The Bible and other history books are full of examples of men and women who failed. But the ones we think of as "successful" are the ones who failed well.

Don't build your life on a single person, thing, or activity. If it fails, what will you do? Instead, build your life in the solid rock of Christ and His word, then build into your life many wonderful people, activities, and ministries. You may still be burdened with an occasional meltdown, but hopefully, you will keep from plunging into the depths of despair. ;)

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  1. very true! amazing how much you can learn from movies like this. i did a post about learning from the movie forrest gump. so many things can teach us life (or Christ)-lessons.