Monday, June 13, 2011

What Was I Thinking?

Hey Everyone!  Today, I'm going to take you on a trip back through time, to the distant, distant past: The beginning of 2011. ;)

First of all, I must apologize for my lack of posting lately.  Part of my absence, I must ashamedly admit, is due to my new toy: An iPad 2. (I'm loving it, in case anyone was wondering!)

However, the greater part is due to some trying circumstances that have deeply affected my life in the past week or so. They are sensitive and personal in nature, so I can't talk specifically about what's going on, but suffice it to say--it has been rough.

Throughout this difficult time, I've noticed something interesting. My mind has been brought back to several of the posts I've written in the past, and as I returned to re-read them, I realized that they are more applicable to my life now than they were when I wrote them.  It is almost as if God had me write a message to myself!  So I'd like to take you on a little tour, back in time, to  and tell you where I was at and what I was thinking when I wrote the posts originally, and then fast-forward today and show you how they have helped me now.

In January, I wrote a post called "Surrender: A Small Start to an Incredible Change." In this post, I wrote about the importance of offering everything to God.  Almost prophetically, God was teaching me to loosen my hold on everything, even if He wasn't asking me to put it on the altar just then. I needed to loosen my grasp. Looking back, I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't obeyed the call to surrender, that area of my life would have become an idol, usurping God's authority in my life and potentially even destroying not just one, but multiple people.

In March, "Escaping the Dark Side" lured the Star Wars fans to my site. An implication in the blog was that a person's choices tomorrow will be influenced by the choices they make today.  Because of this blog and the lessons I was learning at the time, I started making choices to put God first in my life in the little things.  This week, I learned that those choices were what prepared me to choose to put God first in the BIG things too, even when it really, really hurt.

"Shadows," a guest blog I posted in March, was about believing in the ability to deviate from the patterns or "shadows" of the past, with God's help. This week, I was reminded of how I need to believe in other people's ability to change as well.  I am not what I was. I am not limited to the shadow of what I've done in the past . . . And neither are the people around me.

Yet another post from March, "The Death of a Dream," nearly didn't happen. God randomly (or so I thought) brought to my mind a song I had written, and I wrote a short post about it. I really hadn't experienced anything like the "Death of a Dream," at that time, I was just hoping that someone else would benefit from the post. Nearly three months later, I found those words to be exactly what I needed to remember, as I myself was facing the death, or at least the surrender, of some of my most treasured dreams. "What feels like the death of your dream . . . could be a new beginning."  Praise the Lord--His mercies are new every day!

The imminent threat of a government shutdown in April prompted me to post "When the Government Shuts Down," in which I quoted Isaiah 40: Comfort for God's people. When everything in life goes crazy, there IS a solid rock that we cling to. "He does not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom." One of the few comforts I've had during moments when I felt like my life and my dreams were shattered, is knowing that God is still on His throne, and his plans for me far exceed my own.

The moral of the story is: Don't think that what God is teaching you today is just for today. Chances are, it will be something you will need to use throughout your life. The circumstances, faces, and places will change, and your perspective is certain to be different, but the truth of God's word goes on forever! God wants to give to you today the tools you will need to make it through tomorrow.

I hope you've enjoyed this flashback post. :)  Someone great once said, those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. I say, "Those who don't remember yesterday's lessons today will fail tomorrow's tests."

It's been a good year so far. And I have a feeling the best is yet to come.

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  1. Daniel 6:26-27
    I issue a decree that in every part of my kingdom people must fear and reverence the God of Daniel.
    “For he is the living God
    and he endures forever;
    his kingdom will not be destroyed,
    his dominion will never end.
    He rescues and he saves;
    he performs signs and wonders
    in the heavens and on the earth.
    He has rescued Daniel
    from the power of the lions.”

    One of the hardest things to do, while facing trouble, is to keep the heart focused on God and what He considers important and valuable. Pain can often lead a person to look inwardly. This leads to selfish actions and desires. It can also cause us to forget who holds the reigns on our life, thus resulting in various fears.

    Trials can distract us from our blessings. Although we need to be thoughtful and make good choices, worry reflects a lack of trust in what God is able to do.

    Were it not for the fact that Daniel didn't fear death more than he feared God, the preceding words would never have been spoken by the King of Babylon. May we also be examples to others when trouble comes to us. May it be apparent that our hope is in God and what He can do.