Tuesday, June 28, 2011

50 Graduation Tips - Part 2: Show me the MONEY!

I ended last month with the first post of a two-part series specifically for graduates.  Most of the high school graduations have taken place now, and I know firsthand that this is when all those college preparations start to hit you head on!  So I figured this would be a great time to bring you part two!

Last month’s post focused more on college, class, and what to expect. This month’s 25 random tips for graduates will feature the financial aspect of this new chapter in your lives.  AKA: SHOW ME THE MONEY!  Enjoy!

$              To quote Dave Ramsey, “Debt is dumb; cash is king!”

$              Don’t be above working at McDonalds. If it’s the only thing you can find, and it pays the bills, it’s better than being broke. 

$              If you work at McDonalds, be careful you don’t eat too many double cheeseburgers, or you may need to use your hard-earned money to buy a gym membership.  ;)

$              Taking out school loans will help you justify spending more than necessary.  If you feel you MUST take out loans, take out as little as possible and then pay the debt as SOON as you can!  And NO extra spending while you’re still in debt. Rice and beans, beans and rice, baby.

$              Bring your own lunches and drinks to school.

$              Avoid the evil money-sucking vending machines! 

$              Small change adds up to big chunks of change.

$              Scholarship application + time + effort = lots of FREE MONEY FOR SCHOOL!

$              In case you didn’t get that last one: APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS! I applied for 5 or 6 scholarships last and won two of them. If I calculate what I made per hour in those few hours it took me to fill out the applications, I probably made about $500/hr.  Pretty sweet, huh? :D

$              Talk to someone you know who’s won a scholarship and ask them to give you tips on writing the essay.

$              Having a 4.0 (or really close to it) is a really, REALLY helpful thing for getting a job, getting scholarships, and lots of other cool things. Yes kids, those grades DO matter. Keep them high from the very start.

$              Studying is important. (Remember, nerds are the ones who take over the world.) >:]

$              Sleeping is necessary. Set a curfew for school nights! (hehehe…you thought you had escaped that…) ;)

$              Work enough to pay the bills.

$              Don’t work so much that it interferes with your studies.

$              Have a social life.

$              Don’t live for your social life.

$              Fatten up your bank account during the summer so you can work less during the school year.

$              When getting a job: It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know.

$              Talk to relatives, friends and acquaintances about job openings (especially temp and sub positions) at their place of work. Even if it’s not your area of expertise, you could learn!

$              If you’re the entrepreneurial type, start your own business mowing lawns, babysitting, doing odd jobs, or cleaning. That stuff isn’t just for teenagers, you know! 

$              Sometimes, your parents will be willing to help out with your expenses. Sit down and talk with them so you know what to expect from them, and what they expect from you.

$              Carpool!

$              Live at home until your parents kick you out. :D  Just kidding.  But staying at home through college is a good plan.

$              Starbucks will STEAL your bucks.

These are just a few of my random tips.  I’m sure I could think of a lot more…so if you need some tips in a specific area, please ask!  Or, if you have some tips of your own, share them in the comments area below!  Once again, congratulations, grads!

(If you didn't catch the link in the beginning, you can read Part 1 of this series HERE.) :)

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  1. Coming from another graduate, I think these are pretty good. The last one is probably my favorite though :).

    By the way, when nerds take over the world, do you have a wide, grin (and furrowing eyebrows)? >:] Or do you have a frown and a massive unibrow?! >:] (Okay, okay, maybe it’s a hat.)

    Oh and since short witty sayings sometimes can be read the wrong way, let me add that “It’s not what you know but who you know” probably assumes that you are at least qualified. (If you know people “inside,” and they know you aren’t qualified, what good does that do you? Besides that, Solomon probably would tell us to not underestimate the power of knowledge. I will admit though that he did say time and chance happens to us all, and knowing someone can definitely increase your chances!)

    Thanks LaJoie!