Friday, May 20, 2011

The World Ends Tomorrow

If the world ends tomorrow . . .
Are you satisfied with your last day on earth?

Did you:
~love with total abandon?
~give till you had nothing left?
~make someone smile?
~find yourself closer to Jesus than ever before?
~stop to smell the roses, gaze at a sunset, or watch a child run and play, and thank God for the simple, but beautiful things in life?
~speak an encouraging word?
~throw your arms around a friend and hug them like you were going to squeeze the life out of them?
~laugh so hard you thought you’d cry?
~dance like no one was watching?
~take a wild leap of faith, trusting you’d land in His arms?

I don’t believe the world will end tomorrow. But if it did, I had to ask myself, would I be ready?   
Some things in life are important.
Some are essential. 
Some are beautiful. 
And some simply don’t matter at all. 

In the midst of the daily grind, it can get hard to sort them all out. But when we think about the end of time, it gives us the perspective to truthfully answer the question: 
Did I use that second, minute, hour, or day wisely?
And the more important question: 
How am I going to use the next second I’m given? 
The next hour? 
The next day? 
The next year? 
The rest of my life?

I want it to matter. 
Not just here. 
Not just now. 
But for all eternity. 
How about you?

For some info on the theory about the world's end (and why it doesn't hold water) go here. :)

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  1. love this one!!! great questions! -- writing a few of them down ... then I'm getting off this computer so I can answer "YES" to a few more of them.