Monday, May 9, 2011

Smarter Pants 2: The Demise of the Creamy White Jeans

“Let’s see, what to wear today . . .”

We find our heroine as she usually is on a Monday morning: carefully and meticulously creating the fantastic ensemble of clothing and accessories with which she will stun the unsuspecting outside world.

“Hmm, well,” she mused aloud, “I’m feeling kind of casual today, but blue jeans day at work isn’t ‘till Friday. Oh—I know!”

She leapt across the room in a single bound to open the drawer with a flourish. From the dark blackness of the back of the drawer, she pulled a fantastic pair of creamy, off-white jeans with slightly flared legs and designer stitching on the pockets. Perfect! A long-lost love was instantly rekindled.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “Now that all the ice and snow is melted and 'spring has sprung,' I think it’s safe to bring out these beauties once again.”

She smiled as she remembered the day they had met. It was a late summer’s day and she wasn’t even in the market for new slacks. But it was love at first sight. She knew immediately that she was in love, and after a quick trip to the fitting room, she learned that the feeling was mutual.

Since that day—nearly four years previous—the creamy white jeans had been her faithful companion through thick and thin. She had carefully worn them only when they were sure to remain pristine and white, and on the few occasions when they had been slightly marred by some small catastrophe involving chocolate crumbs or spaghetti sauce, she had carefully soaked and scrubbed the stains away.

On this fateful day, however, her relationship with the beloved jeans was destined to end.   As she pulled out the jeans for their first outing of the year, she quickly learned that her girlish figure had filled out a bit in the seasons since she had last worn the pants.

“I can still fit into them,” she decided.  

After adding a colorful shirt, stylish shoes, and a metallic handbag to the ensemble, she took a couple of minutes to scrutinize her appearance in the mirror. Her face fell when she first saw the fit of the jeans, but the frown faded as she began to rationalize. They aren’t that tight. I’ve seen much tighter. No one should be looking at my legs anyway; if they are, that’s THEIR problem.

With increasingly strengthened resolve, our heroine talked herself into the outfit, threw on some trendy earrings to finish it off, and strutted up the stairs and out the door. But halfway to her car, she hit a brick wall. Though not literal, it almost knocked her off her brown leather high heels. Recalling the image of herself in the hall mirror, she thought: Hey, I looked . . . attractive. Really attractive. In fact, you might say, too attractive.

With that thought, three striking questions came to her mind:
  1. If these pants catch my eye, what will they do to the guys I walk by?
  2. Doesn’t my promise to save myself for my future husband include not dressing provocatively to arouse illicit desires in other men?
  3. Although it’s their responsibility to guard their eyes, isn’t it my responsibility not to purposely be a stumbling block for them?

Suddenly, she realized that her love affair with the creamy white jeans would have to be cut short. Save a sudden weight loss of several pounds, nothing could save their doomed relationship. She turned on her 2-inch-high heel, marched back to her closet and replaced the pants in superman style.

“It’s over!” she said bitterly. “And no, we can’t be friends. You’re going to have to leave; I can’t do this anymore!” And with that, the once beloved creamy white jeans were in the consignment store pile.

Though it was painful, a true victory took place that day. Our heroine realized that pants will come and pants will go, but a reputation and lifestyle of modesty is an enduring—yet fragile—treasure.

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  1. Ah!! Another awesome post-I love it!! I can totally relate to this, a lot of my favorite (but small) clothes are now in bin waiting for my little sister to grow up.
    And did I mention I love this post? =)

  2. LaJoie, while I do agree with your post to some extent (we should be modest in our dress), there are some attractive young women with very shapely figures. It wouldn't matter what they wore...certain men will always have "wrong" thoughts. Young women can wear loose jeans & a tee shirt and still be gawked at. And the old A/G practice of tee shirts over bathing suits at swimming events? Lets face it...that's nothing more than a wet tee shirt contest!

    Yes...modesty is important & we should always strive for such. But it's not the fault of the female if the male can't seem to get his thoughts pure.

  3. The whole jeans issue is totally me! I'm tall, so everything rides too low. It's so annoying I barely try them on anymore.

  4. oh pants. i have issues with my jeans too, no matter what i do they dont like to fit on me the right way and its so umcomfotable. :( very good blog lajoie!

  5. Awesome work again =) I love your narratives, we all need some over traumatized narratives on a regular basis! So you "Kissed Whitepants Goodbye"

  6. I'm so thankful that I had the privilege to sow seeds into your life and now I see the fruits of my labor. You have grown into a beautiful, sensible young lady that strives to honor God in all you do. Men are very visual and women need to be aware of it and not entice them. I think what you wrote is wisdom beyond your years. I think what you had to say on your blog made a lot of sense. God Bless You, keep on keeping on.

  7. LaJoie again amazing job, I love the concept through out this whole blog. It is true that wearing overly tight or revealing clothes for any male can be a stumbling block. I dont know how many times guys have looked at girls the wrong way right in front of me. Also Karina I understand where you are coming from but strongly disagree with your comments of this, let me explain. For guys like me if I see someone who just wears tight everything to get guys to look I may fall and look BUT its a turn off to me. I much rather see a young lady who tries to do what she can to respect what God has given her for her husband. Now does this mean skinny jeans are out completely absolutely not, BUT it does mean that I rather see a young lady in skinny jeans that aren't skin tight and too low. Also even though girls that wear t-shirts when swimming still show its for of the matter of trying to be decent more then the outcome to me in my opinion.

  8. I am just curious why more people don't post blogs like this. It certainly isn't common knowledge. But, is it really so uncommon that it isn't spoken of? At any rate, I agree with LaJoie. We are all accountable for our actions, this is a point of 1 Corinthians 8.

    But, there is also another aspect that I would like to point out. (I am aiming this at guys, but it is true for girls too.) Guys are a little less prone to dress to impress. However, how we dress affects our attitude. If you dress in a suit, you will be prone to be more polite. If you dress like a clown, you will be prone to act like a clown. A good example is a friend of mine. He was seven when I informed him of this. I was only 13 at the time. But, he looked up to me and took this to heart. I also told him that if he wore a suit, he would gain respect and would be more prone to act mature. It would also make him feel good about himself. His peers would likely make fun of him on occasion. But, if respect and maturity were important to him, he would learn to endure it. That was the last day that I saw him wear jeans. He wore a suit every day from then on. Even though he went to a public school where everyone wore jeans and shorts, he wore a suit. A couple years ago he graduated from West Point as the leader of his class. His suit has changed to a uniform. But, he wears it with pride and is respected by all his peers. I don't know that the suit was the cause of this. But, the discipline that it took to wear it certainly helped. I believe that just as "we are what we eat", we also are what we wear.

  9. There's a difference between hiding our bodies in over-sized droopy clothes and dressing modestly. Having had the distinct pleasure of meeting LaJoie in person, I can say she finds that balance for herself very well.

    Dressing modestly doesn't have to mean dressing sloppily. Quite the opposite. And dressing attractively doesn't have to mean too-tight jeans that show every curve or too-short skirts that leave too little to the imagination, either. It's perfectly possible to dress attractively and still be modest. It just takes a little time and attention to detail.

    Thanks, LaJoie, for such an awesome blog and for sharing ideas I am trying to instill in my own beautiful little girl so clearly and with such grace.
    Keep at it girl! You're a shining example in a dark world!

    Rejoicing in the day,

  10. While many consider this to be extreme, I have a lot of respect for women (and men) that dress like the folks shown on and

    It may be going the extra mile, but I am sure that it does not hinder them in their spiritual walk, and that a lot of difficulties are avoided when dressing with religion as the main point and not just one attribute that needs to mesh with style.

    I agree that Christians should not dress sloppily as some of the tumbler examples do, but I do think that it is possible to dress conservatively and modestly in a neat and attractive manner.

    Another great point of this style of dress is that it pre-sets peoples expectations of you. Witnessing is easier, because it is almost expected of you, and a lot of the time consists of merely fielding questions that are posed to you.

  11. Why don't women all just wear burqas to hide every God-given curve on their bodies? Oh wait... ehm. I'm pretty sure jeans that are slightly too tight are not provocative. Maybe the woman needs to lay off the cookies, but it's NOT despicable by any means. If a guy finds it attractive, that's his problem, and his responsibility to keep his thoughts pure. (Side note- isn't being attracted to someone a good thing? Isn't that how God intended it?) This just sounds like a slam on overweight women and judgement towards others. Sorry, I gotta respectfully disagree with you.