Sunday, May 29, 2011

Graduating? 50 Do's, Don't's, and Random Things You Should Know

These insanely awesome, accurate, and proven tips are brought to you by: 

LaJoie Ward, a recent grad of "Yale by the Jail" (aka Broome Community College) with an A.S. and a 4.0 GPA

James Lex, a 4.0 GPA student with a knack for conquering exams using only a pencil and 5 granola bars.

Part 1: Tips 1-25 are dedicated to those grads who will soon be headed off to college.
  1. Five energy drinks in a row = Bad Idea.
  2. Professors will let you out early, especially when you pay attention.
  3. Don't friend professors on Facebook!
  4. Everyone is an expert at their own opinion—professors are DEFINITELY not an exception.
  5. Don’t cut corners.
  6. Don’t cut class.
  7. Don’t cut up in class.
  8. Unless you have very thick skin, avoid professors with a degree in sarcasm.
  9. If the professor is a Yankees fan, consider your Red Sox hat a threat to your grade.
  10. Following directions does wonders for your GPA.
  11. Your professor is sneakier than you are; she WILL use a ruler and MEASURE the margins
  12. “My dog ate my homework” STILL doesn’t work.
  13. Don’t expect to get an email back the same day; believe it or not, professors have mountains of homework too.
  14. If you have reservations about taking the course, go to the first class and talk to the professor. If you’re still uncomfortable, you can always drop the course.
  15. Don't sit next to the hot person in class; an “A” in attraction is usually accompanied by a “C” in class.
  16. What's black and white and red all over? The essay you wrote at 2 AM the night before class.
  17. Find a way to organize all of your assignments IN ONE PLACE.
  18. Get in the habit of making it to bed by midnight.
  19. Color coding folders and notebooks makes life easy and fun.
  20. Sit in the front row.
  21. Don’t text in class.
  22. Don’t make your teachers look dumb, especially if they are.
  23. Don’t sleep during history class, or you can consider your grade history.
  24. Double-check the directions and double-proofread the assignment before turning it in. You WILL catch mistackes!
  25. Working full-time, going to school full-time, playing basketball, and running for student body government will make you rich, smart, athletic, influential, and dead.  Mostly the latter. XP ;)
Part 2: Coming soon!!!

If you have more tips, please leave us a comment!! :)

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  1. I fear my tips are less witty, but they've been useful to me:

    1. Find a Christian peer group or simply try to setup consistent weekly times to "socialize" with Christian peers -- it'll make your week a highlight.

    2. ALWAYS double check your tests if you have time -- double checking has consistently saved me as much as 30% on test grades! We all make careless errors.

    3. Try to get on a friendly name basis with your professor, ESPECIALLY if they are smart aleck or difficult -- they will give you much more respect and know that you are working hard (some people call it teacher's pet, but the point is to simply get on a friendly basis so that your professor knows the effort you exert) believe me it's not as hard as it sounds -- be extra cautious in how you address the professor (all in the tone!) and make it a point to say hello if you meet him outside of class -- this enforces familiarity on the professors part, so if you have a difficult to remember name this tip is also for you!

    4. Get a hobby (if you don't already have one) it's great to have something you can do to get your mind off school when you're needlessly fretting or stressed. CAUTION: don't let the hobby swallow up school time!

    5. GO TO BED! I had morning classes everyday at 8 AM, so losing sleep everynight builds'll feel more miserable every morning (and start nodding off in that dreaded 3 PM/6PM class)

    6. Get some exercise by walking/jogging across campus as much as possible (without being late of course!) your endurance will build exponentially the larger the campus =P

    7. Don't carry a lot of books -- you can cause back and shoulder damage, and your posture will suffer. If you have a locker, USE it! Stuff every book you don't need for the next class in there. If your car is available, store non-valuable items in the trunk (out of view is the most important part). If you carry around few enough materials, consider a messenger bag -- they're fun, useful outside school, and easier to swap materials in and out of.

    8. Do your lab partner(s) a favor and come to class SHOWERED and presentably dressed -- you just might make a friend.

    9. Hold on to those award letters -- most car insurance companies will lower your rates if you have proof of EXCEPTIONAL grades!

    10. Request an OFFICIAL copy of your transcript every semester BEFORE tossing all of your homework/graded tests (hard to do I know!) the school CAN make mistakes and ruin your grades, so keep tangible, official proof of your grades...then toss all the tests =)

    Hmmm I'll add these to my website and link here for more terse advice! =)