Thursday, April 14, 2011

And the winner is . . .

The readers have spoken!!! As I could have predicted, the winning topic (with 66% of the vote!) for my new blog series is "Relationships."  Runners up were Modesty, Biblical Fiction, and Current Events. (Don't worry--you'll still see regular posts on these topics!)

I'm going to call my series: "Love Talks"

Although this new series will mostly focus on dating, courtship, marriage, and other aspects of romantic relationships, I may throw a thing or two in there about family relationships and friendships as well.

"Love Talks" will be featured on the 17th of each month on

Start counting down to "Love Talks"!

Like it? "Love" it? Think Dr. Seuss could have done better? Well, let me know what you think! If you come up with a better title for me before the 17th, drop me a comment and I just might use it!


  1. Oh, romantic relationships. I had thought you meant every day relationships like family and friends. :)
    Should be interesting!

  2. I like the title "love talks" it has a professional yet informal sound to it. :)
    I think it would be really cool if you talked about all different kinds of relationships: between us and our families, churches, co-workers, fellow students, teachers, bosses, those we're teaching, those we're "bossing", those of the opposite gender who we are not in a courtship relationship with, etc., including romantic ones, but not focusing on them. That would be super cool because it is harder to find instruction and inspiration on relationships in general, and relatively easy to find thoughts on romantic relationships. Plus you could reach the needs of a greater audience if you talked about all different kinds of relationships.
    Just thought I'd throw that idea out there. Sorry I didn't say anything sooner, I thought that's what you meant by "relationships". :)
    But either way, I'm looking forward to each "Seventeenth Special"! :)