Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Throne

When one dark eve I closed my eyes
I woke surprised to see
A palace worthy of a king
And throne with crimson seat

I entered it and there beheld
The banner and the throne
Were boldly colored red and bore
A name—it was my own!

I timidly approached the throne
Emboldened though yet shy
Ascending several golden stairs
I gave the seat a try

The chair was vast but comf’table
A royal poise I feigned
Reclining back, I smirked and sighed
And thus began my reign

As I picked up the golden crown
And placed it on my head
I felt as if the whole wide world
Was sitting in its stead

The problems came at first in pairs
And then in droves and hordes
Though scepter put me in command
What small aid it affords!

I tried to get the budget straight
And keep the ledgers neat
Though ample funds were mine and more
I could not make ends meet

The books in my library sat
With hundreds still unread
The knowledge I had yet to learn
Made questions fill my head

And not just questions, I’m afraid
But worries came as well
Since answers kept evading me
My mind on problems dwelled

Ten servants flanked me left and right
My orders to obey
But though I sought efficiency
To-do lists grew each day

My friends and ladies came to sit
My company to keep
But true love still evaded me
Sometimes I’d sit and weep

The battlefield was clothed in blood
My soldiers losing heart
I could not lead them by myself
I’d failed them from the start

I searched to drown my dreadful days
With pleasures sought by night
But nothing in my kingdom’s walls
Could make the trouble right

As darkness set in o’er the land
I ordered lanterns brought
But no amount of human light
Quenched darkness I had wrought

At last in desperation, I
The ruler of the land
Cried out for sovereign help because
I needed stronger hands

Those hands came quicker than I’d thought
(With head and body too!)
As King of Kings came riding in
His light embraced the room

He took the scepter from my hand
I gladly let it go
I handed him the crown as well
All that and more I owe

My child, he said, come help me rule
I climbed up on his knee
With childlike curiosity
I watched all I could see

The treasure chest he managed well
His funds were infinite
My knowledge grew as he professed
What he himself had writ

He answered all my questioning
His manner, soft and kind
With Him I conquered many tasks
My walls with trophies lined  

I met true friends who joined with me
To hail Him as the king
Victorious troops from battle came
Enticing all to sing

I found my pleasure at long last
When he captured my heart
He drove all darkness from this place
And gave a fresh, new start

“My Lord,” said I, “One thing remains
Your name must replace mine.
You’ve taken over everything
And made it all divine!”

“This realm, my child,” replied the king,
“Shall ever bear your name
For though it has new leadership
The kingdom is the same.”

We thus struck up a compromise
My banner bore his crest
Together with my name it made
A land unique and blessed

The thought of ruling by myself
Brings only great disdain
The kingdom is my own heart still
Made better by his reign

For from that day he changed my life
He changed the kingdom too
He rules it with his loving strength
He’ll do the same for you!


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i love this one sooo much and its so ture :)

  2. Wow! This one's good. I'll be looking after your blog and try to learn from it. :)
    May God continue to shower you with such skills in touching hearts and motivating others through your blogs. More power.