Sunday, March 20, 2011

Smarter Pants

There she was, ravaging the shelves for her size. Her mission was clear, her mind resolute. “I will find the perfect pair of jeans.”

Then, she saw them. The metallic stitching on the pockets glistened across the whole store. The bold red letters S-A-L-E blurred into B-U-Y M-E in her love-struck eyes. 

In slow motion, she pushed past racks of mediocrity in pursuit of ultimate perfection. There they were. The most gorgeous jeans ever designed by man. She snatched up two sizes and colors, just to be safe.

As she strutted confidently into the fitting room, the motion-activated sensor heralded her arrival. “Whee-whoooooo!”

But tragedy struck in that fitting room. The larger size was far too large. She tossed them to the side and determinedly pulled on the smaller size. With a couple of hops, jumps, and twists, she got them buttoned and stepped back to admire her prize. They were trendy, uber attractive, and even comfortable! But her face fell as she realized the jeans looked like they had been purchased in the paint section of Home Depot. The second she wore those jeans out of the fitting room, her commitment to modesty would be thrown to the wind. She sighed as she admired them for a final minute and then peeled the things off. “Bee-booooooo!” Upon her exit, the beeper now seemed to announce her failure to the world.

As she sadly returned the jeans to their rack and stepped away, casting one final sorrowful glance, she suddenly turned to see a set of shelves she hadn’t noticed before. Another pair of jeans, not quite so shiny, but equally trendy, seemed to pop off the shelf at her. Barely daring to get her hopes up again, she slowly picked them up plodded back to the fitting room.

Halfheartedly, the discouraged shopper tried on the stylish light charcoal jeans and looked into the mirror. At first, she didn’t dare to believe it! They seemed to fit perfectly! She walked around, sat down, and bent over just to be sure. They fit! And they were almost as chic as the ones she had to leave behind! Best of all, they were unquestionably modest.

The whole store seemed to pause and watch in amazement as she triumphantly exited the fitting room, singing along to the “Whee-whooooo!!” Armed with a ten-dollar-off coupon, she—or should I say, “I”—marched to the cash register with my grey denim prize.

Moral of this somewhat-silly-but-actually-quite-true story: Don’t settle for second-best in regards to modesty! There’s always another pair of jeans.  ;)

“[M]ake up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother’s way.” Romans 14:13

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  1. Did I mention that I love this blog post?? Well, it's awesome!! This is what happens to me every time I go shopping, only my happy endings are few and far between :P Love your re-telling of this story, can't wait to see those jeans in person! *hint hint* ;)

  2. Love it! From a fellow Modesty Yours-er. But what do you mean by Home Depot? Was that a reference to "plumber's butt?":)

  3. Thank you! :)

    Nope. It was a reference to clothes that are so tight they might as well be "painted on." Hence the "paint section." Not so trendy when one thinks about it that way. :D

  4. I loved this...thank you for sharing. :) God is so good in situations like this...just when we become despairing it's as if He says, "My silly child, when you pursue Me, I have something better for You."

    Thanks for following my blog..I look forward to reading more of your posts! I love meeting fellow sister's in our Lord through blogging!
    Ephesians 1:2,

  5. Awesome! I now promise to myself that I'll always consider modesty first before fashion. :D