Saturday, August 28, 2010

Everyday Passion

What is your passion?

A friend asked me this question today on Skype. It caught me off guard. Here's what I came up with on short notice:

Although I must confess an incredible amount of idolatry that creeps in to dilute or distract me from my passion, that aside, it would be this:
- To memorize, understand and live out the word of God, and to make it known to others.
- To make disciples instead of just converts or lukewarm "crowd members"
- To help children realize their potential, which is difficult for them to do in this day when they are mostly being entertained instead of challenged
- To use the gifts and abilities I have been given, however incompetent I may feel, to reach out to my world with the love of Christ

I feel an incredible guilt while writing this. Yes, it is the declared passion of my life, but how often is it REALLY the driving factor behind what I do? How often am I led astray by my "old self" and its desires? How often do I waste time on frivolous things that will never endure? I find myself pleading for forgiveness day in and day out for this, and yet, I do it again and again and again! But my Lord is gracious and compassionate, abounding in love! Praise God!

More than that, the fact that I have a passion and recognize that I am not always faithful to it gives me a great advantage. It gives me motivation to press on in Jesus' name!

I have two questions for you:

1. What is your passion?
2. Are you living for it with everything in you?

Remember, you are not alone if you find yourself struggling to keep your first love, your passion for the Lord and his work. The enemy wants us to become discouraged and distressed. He wants us to fall down and not get up.

I encourage you to write down your passion (just the basic points), and take a minute to evaluate whether the way you live on a daily basis lines up with it. If not, don't lose heart! Instead, let it challenge you to add a little passion to your life everyday.

A little goes a long way, and in this may reach into eternity.

More on this subject: "The Motions" - Matthew West
"The Rebelution: A Challenge for My Generation" - Brett Harris


  1. Good question. The passion that we express can be so different than what we want it to be. We can frustrate ourselves by not living passionately for what we believe we should be. It is even harder to live passionately for a purpose if one hasn't taken the time to define where they desire their passion to be. Even for those who have, it is difficult to keep that in the forefront of our desires. I'm going to repost your link with the hopes that it will make others think as well. ("A little (repost) goes a long way") :)

  2. While I am not going to post my passion as yet, I will say this. That as an indirect result of this post, I have come up with a life goal/objective: To leave everything on the course. The thing is that I don't know how to do that.

  3. Ben: Agreed. Thank you for the re-post. :)

    Dan: Also Agreed. :) That's a great goal, but difficult to define.

    Adding to what you were saying (although I don't know whether this will help or hurt): If life is a race, how do we pace ourselves, since we don't know how long the race will be? It's like saying to a bunch of track runners "Ok, start running, try to win, and we'll tell you when to stop."