Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Advertise Your Treasure

"People don't know what you have unless you advertise it."

This is some advice my bank teller gave me today. She was referring to the relatively large sum of money I was carrying, in cash, down the street to another bank to deposit it into my dad's account. (I learned that to do a wire transfer to another bank would cost $17!!!) I expressed my slight nervousness at the prospect of carrying the cash, and that's when she smiled and said "Don't worry about it honey, people don't know what you have unless you advertise it!"

Though said lightly, her words were quite profound. I mulled over the proverb in my mind as I sauntered down the sidewalk, doing my best not to look conspicuous. (Yes, I realize this is terribly cheesy!) I realized that what she said was not only true of the cash in my purse. It was true of something I hold much more dearly. Ironically, my greatest possession can never be stolen from me.

As Christians, we possess something worth far more than a wad of cash. Our salvation is a pearl of greatest worth. Unlike material possessions, we never have to be concerned about someone stealing it away.

In fact, in relation to our Treasure, my teller's advice should have the opposite effect. People don't know that we have Christ in our lives unless we advertise it by our words and actions. No one knew that what was inside my purse was any more valuable than what is in any other purse. (Around here, that constitutes a couple of bucks, cheap lipstick, and a bunch of junk. This isn't NYC after all!) In the same way, no one will know that our lives are any different from theirs unless we show it! We shouldn't be hiding our pearl away, trying to blend in with the crowd and pretend we are not different. My brothers and sisters in Christ, YOU ARE different! But unless you advertise it, no one will know!

I challenge you: Make a conscious effort to "advertise" what you've been given. I promise, no one will mug you for it, and you'll be fulfilling your mission as an imitator of Christ!

PS. In case anyone was concerned about my well being (or my dad's money), I made it to the bank safely due to my masterful skills in being totally cool and nonchalant. ;)

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